How to Write High Quality SEO friendly Article

SEO is very important if you are into a website business. Google will not rank you high if you don’t optimize your content and write an SEO friendly article. They say ‘Content is the King’. And I think they are right. People come, search for their topic in Google and read an article suggested by Google. But if they don’t get the information which they are looking for, they will never return to that particular site. And Google will instantly notice this and never boost up that website. If you also don’t want to face this situation then you must write a high quality, fresh and relevant article that can satisfy your users.

Best tips on How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Here are some steps and techniques that you can implement while writing your content:

1. Keyword Research

This is the crucial step while writing SEO friendly article. This is the very first thing you should do before writing any article. Keyword Research lets you determine what people are searching, what is in trend, etc. For a start you can use UberSuggest as your keyword research tool. It is a free keyword research tool which will help in proper optimization on keyword. If you want more professional tool then you can go with SEMrush but it’s a paid tool.


  • Try to add questions that people are asking.
  • Use long tail keywords also. They are more likely to rank easier.
  • Keyword stuffing should be avoided.

2. Title and Meta Title

The title is a fundamental part of any SEO friendly article . Title and Meta Title are the most important factors that let the user and even Google understand the context to which your article belongs. First, let me tell you the difference between Title and Meta Title.
The title is what shows up to the users that are searching for their queries.
Meta Title is what shows up in Google SERP’s. As they summarize the content of your page, it’s very important that you should use relevant keywords and phrases. See, it’s a great opportunity to attract users, if you write your title wisely.


  • Use main keyword in your Title tag and Meta Title.
  • Make it unique and attractive to get more clicks.
  • Keep your title less than 65 characters.

3. Meta Description

Meta Description is like a snippet of your article. When a user searches for a topic, Google shows a list of articles with title and a summary that is Meta Description. It simply tells users what this page is about. This will directly increase page CTR that will help your article to rank on top. A good Meta Description should contain the focus keyword. The reason is simple. When the search keyword is found in the meta description, Google will highlight it and this will increase the visibility of your article.


  • Always write unique meta description for every page of your website.
  • Must use focus keyword in meta description
  • Always try to include Call to Action- like Get more, Try it for free etc.

4. Use Internal Links in your article

Interlinking your article is always one of the best SEO techniques for many reasons. First, your old content will get better visibility. Second the search engine will re-crawl these articles that might boost up their ranking. Then your user will stick around your site so the bounce rate will decrease. And the last but not least, it allows the better navigation to the users.
You should use anchor text in your internal linking. Just putting a URL or image links will not work.


  • Always use two or three tier linking strategy.
  • Use relevant and natural links for better results.
  • Avoid building too many links as it may distract users.

5. Use optimized images

Using images on your article is actually a brilliant idea for SEO friendly article. Because it makes your article more attractive and easier to read. But you should always optimize your photo before using it. Images that are too large will slow down the page loading speed. And I am sure you don’t want it. So reducing the size of image is always advisable but don’t compromise with it’s visibility.
People also make a huge mistake while uploading images. They don’t name it properly. Guys, Google can’t read images. The only way it can understand what the image is about by it’s name and Alt text. So don’t forget to use it in your post.


  • Always add Alt attributes to your image.
  • Use Keywords while naming or adding alt text.
  • Never compromise with the quality of image while resizing it.

6. Optimize Permalink

A permalink is a URL on base of which Google will identify and index your article. With changing SEO practices from year to year this is also become an important element in SEO Optimization. According to Google it is one of the ranking factor.
So to make it SEO friendly you should always edit your permalink accordingly. Use a permalink so that your users and search engine can easily read it and they will get to know about article. Use can use keywords in your permalink. Its a better way to optimize it.


  • Use keyword rich URL for better optimization.
  • Try to remove stop words like a, the etc from your permalink.
  • Do not change it once your post is published.

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