How to Save Multiple Gmail emails as PDF format with Attachments?

Introduction: Do you want to save Gmail emails as PDF format in bulk , please follow this blog till the end. This blog describes the best method to print multiple Gmail emails in PDF document with all properties intact.

But before we move on to the detailed migration process, let’s talk about the need for this conversion.

Most of the people use Gmail as their primary email application to share the emails and manage their data. Gmail is one of the most popular email client that can store emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc. And due to its simple interface, it has been widely used. Now if you need to use email for sharing emails or for legal matters, the only way you have is to print the email as a PDF.

We all know that PDF is a most secured file format against unwanted access. You can set restrictions or passwords. This is the file format that can be opened on any device including cell phones, tablets, PCs and other smart wearable devices. Hence, it is also known as a platform-independent file format.

Now, if you are looking for a manual way to export Gmail emails to PDF format, then you are out of luck. Because there is no direct solution available using which you can save multiple Gmail emails into PDF file. Therefore, in such a situation, only one method is available to the user, which is an automated method.

Professional Tool to Save Multiple Gmail email as PDF format

Gmail Backup Tool is one of those tools that provides an easy and effective way to convert Gmail emails to PDF. With this tool you can convert multiple emails to other file formats like Gmail to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG and PDF. It also allows you to save contacts and calendars without losing data. Also, there is no file size restriction while migrating files so, you can export unlimited files irrespective of their size.

This tool has a date filter option that is useful during conversion over a period of time. In addition, this tool can maintain the HTML formatting and meta elements even after the conversion process has been implemented.

Steps to Convert Gmail emails to PDF are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Gmail Backup Tool on your Windows PC and enter login details.

Step 2. Select PDF as saving format and apply email filters as per requirement.

Step 3. Browse the destination location for saving the output.

Step 4. Hit the start button to execute the process of Gmail email conversion.

Prime Features of Gmail to PDF Converter

Convert Gmail emails easily: The Gmail Backup Software can save emails from Gmail account in multiple formats. This software is designed to efficiently back up your Gmail email, contacts and calendar. Overall, it’s great backup software.

Support Different formats: The software supports multiple file formats when creating a local backup of your Gmail account. Users can easily backup Gmail emails into PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX and PST files and save them on your computer system.

Options to pause and resume the process: If the user needs to switch to another task, they can simply pause the backup process and continue it later if necessary. The Gmail to PDF Converter software is available with pause and resume options to control the live backup process.

Offers an incremental backup option: Gmail email backup tool provides an incremental backup feature for easy data download. This option allows the user to skip previously downloaded data and only save new emails on the computer system. You can avail the benefits of this amazing feature from the second backup process.

Selective email conversion: Before saving Gmail emails to PDF format, users can apply various filters to archive selected data, but not all. Users can back up entire or selected email data to their local desktop. In addition, users can also save emails from specific date-range by specifying the To and Start Date fields.

Keep the original folder structure: The Gmail Backup tool can keep the original folder structure of your Gmail profile. The software downloads all of the data at once, so there is no limit to the number of data items you can download at one time during the download.

The software supports different languages: The software to save multiple Gmail emails as PDF file offers the option of setting the language according to your requirements. Different languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Portuguese, etc. ​​are provided by the software.


Many Gmail users are looking for a solution to print Gmail emails as PDF. However, they don’t know a proper solution there are no methods to save multiple Gmail emails as PDF format. Hence, in this article, we have described the best approach to convert multiple Gmail emails to PDF without data loss.

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