How to Import Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird Easily?


In this write-up, we will look at the step by step guide to import Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. With Outlook to Thunderbird Converter, users can transfer Outlook address book to Thunderbird in a quick way. Download this best tool for free. 

Are you searching for a way to import Outlook contacts to Thunderbird? Do you work hard to find a trustworthy solution on how to export contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird? If yes, then without any doubt you are at the correct page. After reading this blog, you will be able to import contacts to Thunderbird with accurate field mappings and attributes.  

In addition, we will also be discussing a manual way using which you can export Outlook contacts to Thunderbird in a proper manner. So, keep reading this blog to know about the safe and effortless ways to Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. 

Why Need to Export Contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird? 

Suppose, you are using MS Outlook in your old PC but now you might want to use Mozilla Thunderbird in your new laptop. And you definitely not want to lose your valuable contacts of your clients because of your business. So, you have to migrate contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird in that case. 

Also, MS Outlook is a paid email application whereas Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source email client. Many users want to cut down some cost due to one reason or another. 

Therefore, every day many users are searching for the way to export Outlook address book to Thunderbird. 

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird Manually 

The manual process comprises of two parts. One is to export contacts from Outlook and second is to import contacts to Thunderbird. 

Export Contacts from Outlook 

  1. Open MS Outlook in your PC. 
  1. Go to File Menu >> Import and Export wizard >> Export to a File. 
  1. Now, hit on Comma Separated Values from the format list under Create a File of the Type section. 
  1. Now select Contacts and set the desired saving location to save the files. 
  1. Then click on Finish

Import Contacts to Thunderbird 

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your PC. 
  1. Click on Tools >> Import. 
  1. Choose Address Book from the radio button option. 
  1.  Now click on Text files option and set the desired location to save the output files. 
  1. Now field mapping has to be done by you in a proper way. 
  1. At last, click on Ok and Finish button to start the process. 

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Complex and Time-consuming method
  • MS Outlook installation is required
  • Not suitable for large number of files
  • Data loss situation may occur

The Best Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird 

Outlook to vCard Migrator is one of the best utility available in the market because it provides the safest solution to import contacts to Thunderbird. It is one of the most recommended tools by the professionals that makes the process of importing contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird effortless and error-free. Moreover, it provides various options like convert Outlook contacts to single/multiple vCard files, export Outlook contacts to Google CSV, Yahoo CSV and WAB format. Have a look at it some of the most useful features.  

Steps to import Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird are as follows: 

Step 1. Download and run Outlook to vCard Converter in your Windows machine. 

Step 2. Now, select Add File option in order to upload Outlook files in the software panel. 

Step 3. After this, select the files from the list from which you want to import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. 

Step 4. Now, select vCard as file saving option and set the desired destination path where you want to save the files.  Finally, hit the Extract button to start the process.  

Unique Features of Outlook to vCard Converter 

Transfer Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird in batch mode. 

No file size limitations on exporting contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. 

Facility to save the resultant output files at user-specified location. 

Easy to use graphical user interface that can be operated by any user. 

Option to transfer Outlook contacts to Yahoo, Gmail, etc. 

All the attributes and properties of Outlook contacts will be maintained. 

Support all Windows version including Win 10 and 8, both 32/ 64-bit processor. 

The above-mentioned application to import Outlook contacts to Thunderbird is an effective utility fulfilling the qualities of an efficient software. The tool will easily convert Outlook PST contacts to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express, etc. 


As we all know that contacts are nowadays playing very important role in the survival of any business. So, we cannot afford to lose them at any cost. Outlook to vCard Converter Wizard is a perfect tool which is specially designed to export Outlook PST contacts to other email clients in bulk so it is beneficial for users to save their precious time and energy. Also, the tool is available with free demo version. So, before purchasing the software, users can test its working as it allows to convert & saves 15 contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird and others. One of the best features of this product is that it supports all latest as well as oldest Windows OS.  

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