How to Import MBOX file into Mac Mail? Instant Method

This is on of the most common query that we are getting on frequent basis. If you are also looking to import MBOX file into Mac Mail, then read the blog till the end. It might be helpful in exporting MBOX files to Mac Mail with detailed instructions.

What are MBOX files?

MBOX file is the standard file format that has been supported by many email clients like Mac Mail, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a email storage format used to organize email messages into a single text file. The messages are stored in a concatenated format, with each message beginning with a “From” header and being stored in sequence.

Steps to Import MBOX to Mac Mail are as follows:

Step 1 – Use an external device or USB stick to transfer the destination MBOX file data to Mac Mail. First, open the Apple Mail app that will import the MBOX file.

Step 2 – In this step, click the File menu and click Import Mailbox from the drop-down menu to import the MBOX.

Step 3-A small dialog box will appear where you can select MBOX Format Files and then the Next tab.

Step 4 In the next window, prepare to select the target MBOX file in the appropriate location where you saved the file and finally click the Select tab.

Step 5-The import process will then begin. The file import appears in a new window. The import time may vary depending on the size of the file. Do not click the Cancel tab.

Step 6-A message will appear when the import process has completed successfully. Click Finish and the imported file will be saved in a folder called Import.

Step 7 – When the import process is complete, all the imported emails will quickly show up in the import folder. The same folder name is displayed to avoid confusion.

Step 8 – Click on the folder to post all emails.


To import MBOX file into Mac Mail, you don’t need any email conversion or any tool. Because Mac mail supports MBOX files, you can directly import MBOX to Mac Mail in few easy steps.

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