How to Import Google Archive to New Account?

Easiest approach to upload google archive to new account

Nowadays, securing and migrating emails is one of the most important tasks for almost every internet user. There are many email services on the online marketplace and Gmail is the most widely used free email service on the web.

For certain situations or reasons, some users are looking for a solution to Import Google Archive to New Account. This blog, therefore, explains the simplest method for google takeout transfer to another account.

Before we go any further, let’s first understand what Google Takeout Service is…

Google Takeout is a project by Google that allows users to download the data of Google Application that includes 30+ google services including Gmail, Youtube, Google plus, etc.

In this blog we discussed on how to import Gmail archive into a new Gmail account. So lets get started…

There is no direct method to Upload Google archive to new account. Firstly you have to extract the downloaded data from the archive using 7zip or any other archive extractor. After then you need to download and install Yota MBOX Converter Toolkit. This software offers the fastest migration of Google Takeout emails to a new Gmail account. You can download this software for free by clicking on a button below.

Steps to Import Google Archive to New Account are as follows;

Step 1. Run Yota MBOX Converter in your system.

Step 2. Add an MBOX file extracted from the Google Takeout archive.

import google archive to new account

Step 3. Select the desired folder or apply filters if necessary.

import google archive into new account

Step 4. Click the Export button, then select Gmail as the saving option.

upload google takeout to new account

Step 5. Enter Gmail login Credentials and then click on the Save button.

import google archive to new account

This is how you can easily upload Google archive to a new account within a short frame of time.

Some of the Advanced Features of this Tool

This application is an amazing solution to import Google archive into new account with ease. Some of the Amazing features of this tool are as follows;

  • Google Takeout Migrator allows users to batch import Google Takeout into a new account without damaging individual information.
  • You can upload google takeout to new account along with all email attachments.
  • The utility maintains mailbox format and structure while Google Takeout data is restored to a Gmail account.
  • You can run this wizard on almost al, the versions of Windows OS
  • The utility provides a direct solution to Import Google Archive to New Account using only the login credentials of the Gmail account.
  • Free Trial Version also available with the software to check its whole functionality before purchasing Licence keys of the application.


In the above post, we discussed how to upload google archive to new account in just few steps. Here we recommended the professional Google Takeout MBOX converter tool that gives direct option to upload Google Takeout to new account or Gmail account. Download the free version of this tool to ease your task.

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