Import Eudora to Outlook 2021 with Attachments – Best Strategy

Summary: In many cases, you might want to import Eudora to Outlook 2021 with all mailbox items. In this article, we will describe the detailed procedure to export Eudora Mail to Outlook 2021 with the help of Yota Eudora Converter.

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So, if you are interested in knowing the complete step-by-step process to convert Eudora to Outlook then, this blog will be helpful for you. But first, lets understand the complete scenario.

Overview of Eudora Mail

Eudora is a discontinued email client that was originally developed by Qualcomm, Inc. It can be used as an e-mail client to access e-mail servers or as a personal information manager to store messages, contacts, and calendaring data. Eudora Mail is still available as a free download, but has not been updated since January 2011.

Why Users Want to Import Eudora to Outlook 2021?

So many users are looking for a reliable way to import Eudora to Outlook 2021 since new version of Outlook has been introduced.

Eudora does not have an export option, and the Outlook import tool does not support it. If you value your time and reliable outcomes, the alternative option is preferable. You can now convert your emails to Outlook PST format using a automated technique.

User Query:  Hello, I am using Eudora Mail from past 8 years and I have lots of data saved on my PC. But now I want to move all my emails from Eudora to Outlook 2021 as I want to experience new features of Outlook. I cannot lose my data while transferring Eudora to Outlook. Do you have any solution that can help me to export Eudora Mail to Outlook 2021 with attachments.

New Features of Outlook 2021

Microsoft has recently released a preview of Outlook 2021, the newest version of its email client. Though it largely resembles its predecessor, several new features have been introduced which may impact how users interact with their emails. The new version includes features like @mentions (to call out specific team members in emails), integrated calendar management, focused inbox mode, and more. According to Microsoft, these changes are all aimed at making it easier for users to “do more together.”

Direct Solution to Import Eudora to Outlook 2021

The software features a simple and user-friendly interface for transferring Eudora emails to Outlook 2021 in a matter of seconds. It is the most popular method for users to transfer their emails and contacts to Outlook without losing any data. We assure you that the results will be satisfying: It restores your Eudora mailbox folder structure without requiring any manual intervention.

There’s no need to install Outlook or other software in order to migrate Eudora to Outlook 2021. If you need to migrate a large number of user accounts, purchase the full edition to export unlimited Eudora emails to Outlook. Thousands of satisfied customers in more than 200 countries have used this Eudora to Outlook Import Wizard.

Steps to Export Eudora Mail to Outlook 2021 are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install Eudora to Outlook Converter in your system.

Step 2. Click on Open>> Desktop Email Clients>> Eudora Accounts. Add the files by entering correct login credentials of Eudora account. The tool will let you preview the files within the panel.

import eudora to outlook 2021


Step 3. Click on Export option and select PST as file saving format to import Eudora to Outlook 2021.

export eudora mail to outlook 2021

Step 4. Lastly, enter the location to save the converted files. Hit the Save button to start the process.

To Import PST files to Outlook 2021

Beneficial Features of Eudora to Outlook Converter

Export Eudora Mail to Outlook in Bulk: This tool to import Eudora to Outlook 2021 and other platforms is one of the best solution. It offers the bulk conversion option that can help you to add large number of files in one single process. You don’t have to add individual files one by one and hence saving a lot of time and manual efforts.

Quick Preview of Files: This Eudora to Outlook Import Wizard allows you to preview the files before importing it into final target location. As soon as you upload the files into the panel, the tool will generate the detailed preview in different modes like Hex View, Content Properties, Headers, Raw Message, and more.

Selective File Conversion: The converter wizard automatically converts all selected emails of the user and saves them in the desired format, be it PST, EML or MBOX. It also allows the user to specify what they want converted and what they don’t want converted. This can help you to save only the required data.

Preserve Email Structure: It is designed to import Eudora to Outlook 2021, saving all the original email formatting as well as attachments. The converter has been designed with latest algorithms to ensure that there will be no harm caused to existing email attachments and the email structure. In addition, it also converts the email properties such as to, cc, bcc and subject fields.

Advanced Search and Filter options: Eudora to Outlook Converter is a tool that helps you find specific messages from your Kerio inbox based on some criteria. It offers the Advance Search, which lets you search messages by sender, recipient, date and other criteria. You don’t have to import all mailbox items without any requirement.


This blog provides a detailed answer to the question of how to import Eudora to Outlook 2021. Eudora files can be imported into Outlook using the Yota Eudora to Outlook converter. The trial edition of the converter is available for free, and it has all the features of the full edition. There is a single limitation in the free edition: it converts only 10 emails from each selected folder. If users are satisfied with the functionality of the free edition they can buy the pro version of the software.

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