How to Import EML to Outlook 2021 Account with Attachments?

Summary: Importing multiple EML files to Outlook 2021 account can be a headache without the correct guidelines to go by – unless you’re using this handy blog post as an all-encompassing resource! Retiring an old version of Outlook? No problem! You’ll find instructions here on how to import EML to Outlook 2021 with emails, calendars and contacts with ease so they’re still easy to access. A few clicks is all it takes – and keep in mind that you will need to download best EML Converter Wizard in your Windows PC.

Why users want to Import EML Files to Outlook 2021?

The new features of Outlook 2021 are quite impressive! The updated version of the email client will include a dark mode, as well as a number of other enhancements that should make it more user-friendly.

In particular, the new Outlook will be able to better handle large files, making it easier for users to manage their email correspondence.

Additionally, the upgraded version will feature a more intuitive design that is geared towards greater usability. These new features are sure to make Outlook a more powerful tool for business communication.

Overview of EML Files

EML files are email files which contain the content of an email message, including the sender’s name, email address, subject line, and message body. EML files are used to store messages in the standard Windows Live Mail format.

Automated Solution to Import EML to Outlook 2021 Mailbox

EML files can be easily and quickly migrated to Outlook mailbox with the help of Yota EML to Outlook Migration tool. This utility allows users to migrate EML files into multiple formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, and more. Additionally, this software provides a user-friendly interface that makes the process of EML file conversion quick and easy. Moreover, it is a reliable software that helps users to keep their email messages safe and secure.

Sometimes you just need to import EML to Outlook 2021 with few selective items from mailbox. That’s where Yota EML to Outlook Migration comes in! Our easy-to-use software helps you import your emails from your EML file into most popular email clients online. You can do this quickly and easily, without having to spend hours on a computer. So, what are you waiting for? follow the below steps and get started!

Steps to Upload EML Files to Outlook 2021 are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Yota EML to Outlook Converter in your PC.

import eml to outlook 2021

Step 2. Now. go to Open>> Email Data Files>> EML Files. Select Choose Files or Choose Folders option to add the files into the panel.

eml to outlook 2021

Step 3. Next, you can view all files and folders with all attachments. Apply filters by clicking on Search icon for selective migration.

eml to outlook 2021

Step 4. Thereafter, click on Export tab and select PST as file saving option to import EML to Outlook 2021.

import eml to outlook 2021

Step 5. Finally enter the desired path to save the converted files and hit the Save button.

import eml to Outlook 2021

Here, the tool helped you to convert EML files to PST format, you have to import those files in Outlook with below steps.

Import PST to Outlook 2021

Some Beneficial Features of EML to Outlook 2021 Import Wizard

Convert Selective Files: If you want to migrate particular files or folders, you can use the select or deselect feature. Also, the tool is providing wide number of Filter options that can be utilized for filtering out email data with date-range or having or without having attachments, specific keywords and so on.

Import Multiple EML Files to Outlook 2021: The Yota EML to Outlook Import tool offers you the dual options to upload the files into the panel. If you want to import single file you can select Choose Files option. But if you have large number of files, you can go with Choose Folder option that will help you to import multiple EML files to Outlook 2021 mailbox.

Freedom to Save the files Locally: EML to Outlook Import tool helps you convert emails from EML to Outlook 2021 without any difficulty, making it one of the best tools for conversion. It is capable of converting emails from EML to PST and other formats like MBOX, PDF, HTML, TXT, etc. Apart from simple migration, you can also move them to your local drive, or different local service providers.

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Preview Mailbox Items: One of the features is the preview mode, which lets you see all the EML files before the import process starts. There are many different views available such as Hex view, Raw message, Content, etc. Even you can view your attachments files within the preview window.

Advance Search Option: This software has all the features that you need for conversion, such as search filters for sorting your emails. You can search your emails using different criteria including contacts, addresses, dates, to/from, subject, etc. and it is available in different languages.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy: The tool has been designed with advanced algorithm that will not alter the folder structure or hierarchy of mailbox folder. It keep the metadata intact throughout the conversion process. Also, the attachment files, inline images, etc. will remain same during import process.


Moving your email from EML to Outlook 2021 is a big undertaking, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. If you followed all of the guidelines laid out in this blog to import EML to Outlook 2021, you should have a smooth transition without any hiccups. Do you have any questions about EML to Outlook 2021 import process? Contact the customer support team and they’ll be more than happy to help!

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