How to Import AOL Mail to MBOX format with Attachments?

Summary: Are you looking for a technique to import AOL Mail to MBOX file format along with attachments? We have an automated software solution to this problem and i.e. AOL to MBOX Converter. Read the entire blog to learn more about the working procedures of the tool. Free demo version of the tool is also available.

Sometimes users prefer to transfer their email from AOL to Thunderbird for various reasons. Mozilla Thunderbird is preferred because of its ease of use, rich functionality, and security updates. If the user wants to import AOL Mail to MBOX format, it can be done efficiently. Let’s take a look into the users queries first to understand the need of conversion.

User Query:

I want to transfer emails from AOL Mail to Thunderbird. There are more than 15,000 emails with more than 10 folders. Now I want to import AOL Mail directly into Thunderbird without any manual configuration. Is there any reliable solution that does not manipulate the original data?

Instant Solution

Download and install Yota AOL Mail Backup Tool on your system. This software is specially designed to copy or move emails directly from AOL to MBOX format and then you can import those files to Thunderbird. It detects the AOL account profile and copies the email folders directly if AOL is installed in your system.

Steps to import AOL Mail into MBOX format with attachments:

Step 1. Run the Yota AOL Backup Tool and log in using credentials.

Step 2. Select the mailbox folders and choose MBOX as the saving option.

Step 3. You can apply email filters for a specific migration and set desired path.

Step 4. Click the Start button to export AOL emails to MBOX format.

Why should you choose Yota AOL Backup Tool?

There are many reasons that compel you to choose this tool. Here are some important aspects of this utility.

Backup AOL emails to the hard drive: The software allows users to backup all AOL emails to hard drive. Also, users can fully download all emails in the desired storage format. You can easily save AOL emails as PDF, PST, EML, MSG apart from MBOX format. This tool can convert AOL emails along with attachments.

Download email from AOL in bulk: The AOL to MBOX migration tool enables a full backup of all mailbox items. This means that users can import AOL Mail to MBOX format in bulk. Users just need to select all of the AOL folders and then choose the MBOX as storage format from the list. Once the user clicks the Save button, the software will download all the items in bulk from the mailbox.

Support various email options: AOL to MBOX Converter provides several advantages to its users as it allows them to export AOL emails to various useful email formats. AOL emails can be exported in PST, EML, and MSG email formats. It helps users to easily migrate email from AOL to various desktop email clients that support these formats including Outlook, WLM, eM Client, etc.

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Preserves the original structure: Users don’t have to worry about their original data. The software protects the entire internal format of AOL emails as the original during the backup process. All metadata and all other properties of AOL emails like To, CC, Bcc, Subject, Email Sent Date, Fully Original Email Received Date Therefore, users can use this tool for hassle free backup.

Advanced filters to Save selective emails: Offers various filters for saving selected items locally. The utility only backs up the necessary emails from AOL as users can apply filters to them based on date range, subject, recipient, from, etc. Users just need to enable the filter and then enter the value in the tags to filter apply. Then click the Start button.


The simple solution described above is the best solution to save AOL users time. AOL emails can be imported into the MBOX format in few easy clicks. Download the software and discover its amazing features. You can export and convert 100 emails from each folder for free. Just try it!

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