How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird? Complete Guide

Introduction: Today, in this blog we are going to discuss the best way to extract all attachments from Thunderbird in a single click. So keep reading the blog if you are looking for a reliable and straightforward solution to download Thunderbird attachments.

Expert Solution to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird

With this powerful solution, now extract attachments from Thunderbird account without any hassle. The program is easily configured to enable seamless extraction of email attachments from Thunderbird email client, no matter what is the size of the file. This Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is proficient to save attachments from Thunderbird in bulk.

Why Thunderbird Attachment Extractor tool?

Thunderbird Attachments Extractor is a fast, reliable solution to fetch emails from Thunderbird email client efficiently with 100% accuracy. With this fully-featured tool, one can export attachments from Thunderbird smoothly and securely. We offer deep filtering options to our users. This way, you can easily export attachments from a specific Thunderbird file without any hassle. Plus, it is the safest utility that will not save any data and there will be no data leakage.

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Steps to Extract all Attachments from Thunderbird are:

Step 1. Download and install Thunderbird Attachment Extraction tool on your Windows PC.

thunderbird attachment extractor

Step 2. Click on Open >> Desktop Email Clients >> Thunderbird Accounts >> Open Configured Accounts.

Step 3. Click on Extract button and select Attachments to proceed.

extract attachments from thunderbird

Step 4. Set location to save extracted attachments and click on Save button.

extract thunderbird attachments

Highlighted Features Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

Easy Extraction of attachments from Thunderbird

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor tool allows you to easily extract attachments from Thunderbird email client. No matter how large is the file, our advanced tool lets you extract all the files from Thunderbird and allow you to save them at the desired location. Users are free to extract the countless number of files using this amazing tool.

Extract Attachments in Batch

This powerful utility also permits you to extract all Thunderbird attachments in bulk and saves the file in an accessible format. The tool has the capability to extract multiple attachments from Thunderbird in a single process. Hence the software saves a huge amount of time and energy of the users.

Automatic Detection of Files

Another most powerful advantage of this software is this Auto-Detection feature. If you don’t know the location of the file then this Thunderbird attachment extractor software searches the files from the root folder. From there you can upload the files that will further extract the emails from those files and allows you to save them at your desired location.

Enhanced Filtering Option

Not everyone’s requirement is the same. Some users also want to extract attachments from some specific emails. Thunderbird Email Extractor is capable to handle this situation also. The filter option allows you to search and extract a particular file by using different properties like Name, To/From, Cc, Specific date range, Time etc.

Maintains Folder Structure

This advanced tool maintains all the properties of extracted files like Meta properties of Emails, Addresses, Subject, Time & Date, Font Style, Background, Images, Hyperlinks, Message content, etc. This Thunderbird Attachment Extractor also maintains the technical structure of emails after extracting to the desired format without getting any error or issues. Also this tool ensures to maintain the accuracy of data during extraction.

Support all Version of Windows OS

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is designed to suite all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including latest Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7 and Windows Server 2019, Server 2016, Server 2012, Server 2008 Editions. This software is also compatible with x32 as well as x64 bits of Windows versions.


Many users are looking for a way to extract all emails from Thunderbird but are unable to do this task due to lack of knowledge. After reviewing the requirements on this blog, I discussed the best way to accomplish this task. Just download the tool for free and download attachments from Thunderbird to your local PC.


1. How can I extract attachments from Thunderbird?

Follow the below steps to extract Thunderbird attachments:

Step 1. Install Thunderbird Attachment Extractor tool on your system.

Step 2. Click Open >> Desktop Email Clients >> Thunderbird Accounts.

Step 3. Click on Extract and select the Attachments option.

Step 4. Hit on the Save button to start the extraction.

2. Is your software compatible with Mac operating system?

No, Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is a Windows-based application and hence, can not be operated on Mac. It supports all the latest and earlier version of Windows i.e. Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

3. Does your software require a Thunderbird installation before extraction?

No, this tool can easily work in the absence of Thunderbird email client applications. If Thunderbird is installed in your system, then the tool will auto detect the configured Thunderbird accounts.

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