How to Extract Attachments from MBOX file?

export attached files from MBOX emails easily...


Are you looking for a solution to extract attachments from MBOX file? If yes, then don’t worry. You will get the most efficient solution to extract MBOX attachments using expert-recommended Yota MBOX Attachment Extractor. Download the tool for free to extract attachments from MBOX file.

MBOX file format is used to store multiple emails with attachments. MBOX file is being used by many email clients and email services that include Mozilla Thunderbird, Google takeout, Apple Mail, etc. This file format is one of the most used file formats for storing and archiving email data.

Extract Attachments from MBOX – Complete Step-wise Solution:

First of all, download the MBOX Attachment Extractor that allows you to save multiple attachments from MBOX files and permits to save the resultant files at your desired location.

Steps to Extract Attachments from MBOX file are as follows:

Step 1. Run MBOX Attachment Extractor and click Open >> Email Data Files >> MBOX File >> Choose Files

select mbox

Step 2. Preview files, click Extract and select Attachments option.

extract attachments from mbox

Step 3. Now select location to store attachments and click on the Save button.

extract mbox attachments

Features of MBOX File Attachment Extractor

MBOX Attachment Extractor is the easiest way to extract attachments from MBOX files in bulk. You can easily extract attachments from multiple files in a single go without losing the data.

The tool is fully automatic, it is capable to detect the files automatically from the root folder and load them in the panel. You don’t have to worry if the source location of the file is unknown to you.

There is no file size limitation associated with the tool. One can easily extract unlimited attachments from MBOX irrespective of their size.

The user can install the MBOX Attachment Extraction tool in various International Languages.

The tool previews live extraction progressive reports during extraction from MBOX emails.

The MBOX attachment extractor software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows Including Windows 10 and below versions.

The software keeps folders and sub-folders structure the same. It preserves the meta elements of emails such as to, cc, bcc, subject, signature, inline images, etc. during the extraction process.

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MBOX file Attachment Extractor is available with free demo edition which allows you to extract 25 attachments from the MBOX folder. You can evaluate the capability of the software by trying out the free demo of the MBOX Attachment Extraction tool. After checking the software functionality, you can go for the license key and extract unlimited attachment files without any limitations.


Can I extract attached images using this method?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely use this method to extract attached images very easily.

I want to save my attached PDF files in my pen drive. How to do that?

Ans. You can save MBOX attachments like the way we have mentioned above by selecting the destination folder.

How to save multiple PDF attachments from MBOX files?

Ans. You can save the unlimited PDF attachments from MBOX files using the same process.

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