Export Google Takeout to PDF? – Know How To

Summary: This article teaches readers how to export Google Takeout to PDF file format. While it’s not as easy as exporting it directly, this post will give you some basic instructions on how to do that with ease.

Takeout is an application that helps you to export all the data from Google. It includes your contacts, mail, calendars, and more other important data.

Exporting Google Takeout Archive Files to PDF can come in handy for many different reasons, especially if you need to save your data from the online service. However, there is no direct option available to save data as portable document format. But after a long research, we will come with the best tool that will help you to convert Google Takeout File to PDF format.

One-Stop Solution to Save Google Takeout Archive File to PDF

Use Yota Google Takeout Converter Tool in order to directly export Google Takeout to PDF file format. This will help you out to transfer multiple archive files in a single attempt. It supports to add and export zip file in PDF format.

Using this wizard, it become easy to convert all data from Google Takeout archive file such as emails, contacts, calendar data, and many more. It preserves email properties and folder structure while conversion. The software is operable on latest Windows 11 and all previous versions.

Download and Install the conversion tool on your system in order to start the conversion.

Steps to Export Google Takeout to PDF For Windows are:

Step 1. Launch the software on your Windows system.

launch google takeout to pdf converter

Step 2. Click Open >> Email Data Files >> Google Takeout Files.

select google takeout file

Step 3. Select Archive file from your system to export.

select files

Step 4. Click Export and select PDF file format from the list.

choose pdf file format for conversion

Step 5. Browse for the destination and tab Save button to begin conversion.

export google takeout to pdf

Finished! This is how user can convert Google Takeout archive file to PDF format along with attachments.

Steps to Convert Google Takeout to PDF for Mac are as follows:

If you are using Mac Operating system and want to export Google Takeout files in PDF format then download the tool from the below buttons and follow the given steps:

Step 1. Run Google Takeout Converter for Mac and click on Add Files option.

Step 2. Now, add the files into the panel and preview them. Apply filter by clicking on Search option.

Step 3. Finally, click on Export button to convert Google Takeout MBOX files to PDF format.

What Makes This Converter Best of Others?

There are many tools available that can be used to export Google Takeout to PDF file format. But not all offers the reliable and accurate solution. They also do not preserve the email properties and not able to convert zip file directly to the PDF file format. The one stop solution of this problem is Yota Google Takeout to PDF Converter. It offers the accurate solution and provides multiple useful features too. Some of them are listed here-

Easy to Use

The recommended software is super easy to understand and use even by a normal computer user. The aim of this software is that all type of user can use it and accomplish their task without having strong technical knowledge.

Export Selective Data Only

It is not mandatory to export all data from Google Takeout to PDF with this wizard. It offers the advanced search option that allows you to search emails by subject, date, time, to, from. One can also search even for a specific keyword.

Bulk Conversion Facility

The software is able to convert Google takeout files in bulk mode without losing any kind of data information. It provides support to transfer large size PST with no file size limitations.

Set Destination

Using this tool, you can also set the location on your system to save the resultant file. The software offers the option to browse and select the folder where you want to store the PDF file. This is the easy to access the output without wasting time.

Windows Compatible

The software is complete Windows-based and successfully download on latest Windows 11 and other previous versions. You can install it on both 32 & 64-bit machines.

The Final Words

Here we discussed the best solution to export Google Takeout to PDF file format. As there is no direct manual solution to do so, therefore we suggested the tested conversion tool. This will allow you to convert Google takeout files to PDF format with all items. User can download the free version of this tool to test its efficiency and working.

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