DreamHost Hosting Review, Plans, Pricing and User Reviews

DreamHost is an advanced and fully-managed premium web hosting solution. If you want a powerful and affordable web hosting service then DreamHost might be your choice. DreamHost offers a powerful package of shared, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated, cloud, WordPress, and reseller hosting services.

Pros and Cons of DreamHost Hosting

The pros and cons of DreamHost Hosting are as follows;

Pros of DreamHost Hosting

DreamHost is one of the companies which is independently hosted millions of websites that too efficiently. If you have a low budget and you want to set up a website business then this definitely going to help you. It is the most economical type of hosting service that is perfect for small businesses.

We hope this helps you discover whether DreamHost is the ideal host for you.

  • Excellent uptime guarantee
  • Reasonable pricing with high-quality performance
  • 24*7 high standard of customer service
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 97-days money back guarantee

Customer Support and Their Commitment

DreamHost offers all-time chat support to help out their customers. They also have ticket support system through which the process of solving issues becomes faster. You just have to tell your problem in the form and send it to the support team. They will get back to you by giving you the solution to your problem.

SSD Drives and Speed

DreamHost offers SSD drives which makes the site 10 times faster than the others. Also, they provide their customer unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, automated backups, and a lot more. Dreamhost claims to give 100% uptime guarantee with downtime compensation which is again a win-win situation.

Safety and Security

Providing security to the customer’s website is their top-most priority. They are able to keep your website secure from spams and theft. Features like Malware Remover, Let’s Encrypt etc. provide top class security to your website. It also provides SSL certificate.

97-Day Money-back Policy

DreamHost provides a genuine 97-day money-back guarantee without any question. It’s a standard type of security you want if you’re trying to find a hosting company for your small business.

Easy to use Control Panel

They have an advanced control panel which is very easy to handle. You can customize and manage your website effortlessly.

Powerful One-Click Installer

With this powerful feature, you can install the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate in just a single click. You can also add web apps like WordPress, Joomla! and more in literally seconds.

Cons of Dreamhost Web Hosting

Lack of Apps & Auto-Installs

The one thing which I don’t like about DreamHost that they have a limited number of apps. And also you have to install them manually. They don’t give the option of auto installation which can take some time and energy.

DreamHost Pricing and Plans

DreamHost provides top quality hosting services to its customer. Yet, their prices are very budget-friendly as compared to other web hosts in the industry. DreamHost offers 6 types of hosting plans:

Shared Web Hosting

  • Shared Starter – starts at $2.59/mo(yearly package); Unlimited Storage; 1 Website
  • Shared Unlimited – starts at $5.95/mo(yearly package); unlimited storage; Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Emails

WordPress Hosting

  • Shared Starter – starts at $2.59/mo(yearly package); Unlimited Storage; 1 Website; Unlimited Traffic
  • Shared Unlimited – starts at $5.95/mo(yearly package); unlimited storage; Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Emails; Unlimited Traffic

Woocommerce hosting

  • DreamPress – starts at $16.95/mo; 100k Monthly Visitors; 30 GB of Storage; Free SSL
  • DreamPress Plus – starts at $24.95/mo; 300k Monthly Visitors; 60 GB of Storage; Unlimited CDN
  • DreamPress Pro – starts at $71.95/mo; 1M+ Monthly Visitors; 120 GB of Storage; Unlimited CDN

VPS hosting

  • VPS Basic – starts at $13.75/mo; 30 GB storage; 1 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate
  • VPS Business- starts at $27.50/mo; 60 GB storage; 2 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate
  • VPS Professional – starts at $55.00/mo; 120 GB storage; 4 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate
  • VPS Enterprise – starts at $110.00/mo; 240 GB storage; 8 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate

Dedicated hosting

  • Blue Moon – starts at $149/mo; 1 TB storage; 4 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate; Unlimited data transfer
  • Summer Moon – starts at $349/mo; 240 GB solid-state storage; 64 GB of RAM; Free SSL certificate; Unlimited data transfer

Cloud Hosting

  • Tier 1 – starts at $4.50/mo; Free Bandwidth; 512 MB RAM; Ideal for Tinkering; 1 vCPU
  • Tier 2 – starts at $12/mo; Free Bandwidth; 2 GB RAM Server; Ideal for Websites; 1 vCPU
  • Tier 3 – starts at $48/mo; Free Bandwidth; 8 GB RAM Server; Ideal for Databases; 4 vCPU

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