Easy Way to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments

Summary: If you are among those users who want to convert Outlook emails and attachments into PDF format, then this blog will be very helpful to you. Here we have discussed the best solution to convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments in bulk with the help of best PST to PDF Converter. Download the free demo now.

MS Outlook is one of the most preferred email client used by millions of users across the world. However, in many situations, user may need to transfer and access emails in print form. PDF format is the most trusted format that is legally accepted everywhere on any device. That is why many users want to know how to convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments. Today, we are going to introduce you with one of the best tool to convert PST files into PDF and that is Yota Outlook to PDF Converter. Before getting into steps let’s have a look at user’s query and understand the need of converting Outlook emails into printable PDF format.

User Query: “Hi, I am using the Outlook email application to share and save my emails on all projects. They are very important to me and to my business. Now I need to back up Outlook emails to a PDF file so I don’t have to worry about my data being lost or corrupted. Do you have any suggestions on how to save email from Outlook to PDF along with all the attachments? And most importantly, I don’t want to miss any part of my email. Please help!”

The Quick Solution

Outlook to PDF Converter tool is recommended for converting PST emails to Adobe PDF format with 100% guarantee. It allows to save multiple Outlook PST files in PDF format in bulk with only few clicks. This app also offers a free preview of the full Outlook mailbox in different preview modes. The best feature of the program is the ability to keep the structure and meta elements like To, From, Attachment, Subject, etc. intact. Any technical or non-technical user can easily access this software to export Outlook emails as PDF files. Install the tool for free by clicking on the below download button:

Steps to Convert Outlook email to PDF with Attachments are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Run Outlook to PDF Converter in your PC.

Step 2. Add files and folders into the panel that you want to migrate.

Step 3. Preview the files and select PDF as file saving option.

Step 4. Set the desired destination path and hit Export button.

The tool will start converting emails from Outlook to PDF and you will get the message of process completion.

Salient features of Outlook PST to PDF Converter

Simple Interface: The software is designed with advanced technology that is suitable for all types of users whether they are professional or not. No other tool is required to convert Outlook email to PDF format with attachments.

Batch Migration: This Outlook Converter tool has the capability to add and convert hundreds and thousands of files into your desired file format. You don’t have to add all files manually and hence it can saves you a lot of time.

Selective Migration: Sometimes when you don’t want to move entire mailbox but only few specific emails, then this selective conversion feature comes handy. You can select the files according to your need and you will get the results with 100% accuracy.

Maintains the Original Structure: While executing the email conversion process, the tool will not modify any element of emails. All the meta elements and internal hierarchy of the folders and sub-folders will remain same.

Free Demo: This utility also comes with free demo version so that anyone can download it without spending any money. It allows you to export 25 emails from Outlook folder to PDF with attachments and hence you can check the working procedure of the tool.

Steps to Save Outlook emails to PDF Manually

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Suitable for only few Outlook emails. It does not support bulk migration.
  • Data loss may occur if the process execution not done properly.
  • Does not allow to save attachments.


In this article, we have discussed the best way to convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments in bulk. You can use the manual way or an automated tool to print multiple emails from the Outlook profiles into Adobe PDF without making extra efforts. Using manual method has its own limitations . Now you know what will work for you and what will not. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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