How to Convert EML to MBOX format Instantly?

Here is a quick solution to convert EML to MBOX file within a short frame of time

Do you want to convert EML to MBOX format? This article provides step-by-step instructions for converting EML files to MBOX format without errors and data loss. Before proceeding, you need to familiarize yourself with EML and MBOX files.

EML files are used to save individual email messages along with the attachment files. Several email clients have used EML files to store their email messages. These include Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, emClient, etc.

The MBOX file format is used to store multiple email messages in a single file. This is also one of the most common formats used by many email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Google Takeout, etc.

Easy Approach

There is no official solution to convert EML to MBOX format. For this task, I would like to suggest you to download and install reliable and trustworthy EML to MBOX converter software. You can download the one by clicking a button below.

Steps to Convert EML to MBOX format are as follows;

Step 1. Run Xtraxtor EML to MBOX Converter on your PC.

Step 2. Add EML file in the tool by clicking Open>Eml Files>Choose Folder.

convert eml to mbox

Step 3. Click Export and then select MBOX as the saving option.

eml to mbox converter

Step 4. Click the Save button and wait for the program to complete the task.

convert eml to mbox

This is how you can convert EML file to MBOX format easily.


Manual Approach

In order to manually convert EML file to MBOX format, you need to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird in your System and then follow the steps given below.

How to Convert EML file to MBOX format Manually

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird application on the local machine and create one new folder in it

2. After that, go to the location where your EML files are stored

3. Now, simply drag and drop all EML files one by one to the newly created folder in Thunderbird

4. Next, you need to Export MBOX from Mozilla Thunderbird

Steps to Export MBOX from Mozilla Thunderbird are as follows;

1. Install Import/Export plugin on Mozilla Thunderbird

2. Now go to your mailbox and right-click on All-mail and select the Export folder from the menu shown below.

3. Select the folder where you want to export .mbox file.

4. Open the desired folder where All Mail file has exported. Now right-click file and add extension as .mbox.

Finally, you have your MBOX file using the manual method.

Limitation of This Method

The major limitation of this method is that you need to waste lots of time and effort on this method. Apart from that you also need lots of technical knowledge to convert EMLto MBOX format using this method.

Final Words

Whenever a user tries to convert EML to MBOX format for any reason, he/she faces issues in converting EML emails in MBOX format. Thus, to overcome this situation, a user can download a trusted EML to MBOX Converter and make their task easier. In this post, both manual and professional solutions are covered that one can use very easily.

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