The List of Best Shared Web Hosting Providers in 2019

Take a look at top shared hosting for your website...

Web hosting is a service that provides storage space for the website to be available online. Web hosting plays an important role in expanding your income through websites. Your web host is responsible for the server space and makes sure that the servers are available to you all the time. So that your website is visible to the users all the time. Therefore, you should choose the best shared web hosting service for your blogs or websites.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting or shared web hosting plans allows multiple users to use a single server. Generally, you don’t have any idea to whom you shared your server resources. Each client has it’s own limit of resources that will be defined in your hosting plan. Shared Hosting generally are economical for your needs and economical things always comes with limitations. Still you opt to choose shared hosting if you want to start your new blog.

Why Choose Best Shared Host for your New Website?

Cost Efficient: Generally Shared Hosting are cost efficient. If you are new in web designing or you want a web presence, you can start your business with shared web hosting. It will help you to understand the basics of hosting in a budget. If necessary, you can also update your hosting plans in the future.

Maintenance: The maintenance as well as administration has been managed by web hosting providers. This means you don’t have to worry about maintenance of your server.

Doesn’t Require Skills: You don’t require any specific skills on networking or command prompts as the service provider will take care of your admin panel.

Free cPanel: Generally shared hosting comes with a free cPanel or any other application which makes management of your website easy. You also get MYSQL and PHP support on most of the shared hosting.

After all these lets take a look on best shared web hostings that you can use in 2019.

List of Best Shared Hosting 2019

Here is the list of best web hosting providers who are well known for their services, features, support, and pricing.

1. InMotion

best shared web hosting

InMotion is the one of the best shared web hosting providers, and it is also the most affordable shared hosting available to you. InMotion provides you with a nice custom panel to manage your hosting setup. This makes it one of the best shared host. They offer a Free SSL certificate and a free Domain, which is a crucial search engine ranking factor. It is one of the reliable hosting companies in the market of shared web hosting services with a proven track record.

Key Features:

  • Faster loading time
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Offers unlimited hosting storage + bandwidth
  • Easy installation and automatic updates
  • 24*7 US-based support
  • Hassle free website transfer
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2. DreamHost

best shared web hosting

DreamHost offers best web hosting service that covers the whole spectrum of website needs. Whether you are a first time blogger or have a business, DreamHost have options to match. It provides a reliable service to the users. When it comes to customer support, their team is available all the time via phone or live chat. You can get DreamHost as low as $2.59/month for the first year which makes it the most affordable option in the list of shared hosting providers.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use control panel to manage your website
  • Offers 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Offers risk-free, 97-day money-back guarantee
  • All time customer support for any technical issue
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3. Bluehost

best shared web hosting

If you ask any top blogger about their favourite web hosting service, I’m sure they will tell you about Bluehost. If you are also want to start a blog, you can start the WordPress blog on Bluehost. It is surely a reliable and one of the best shared web hosting service provider. It has a guaranteed strong uptime so that your website will never go down. BlueHost is one of the best option if you are looking for the best shared web hosting 2019.

Key Features:

  • Fast page loading time
  • A free Domain for one year
  • Able to combat spams and threats
  • Application-rich dashboard such as Google Apps
  • Ability to work well with CloudFlare to provide extra attention against hacks
  • Simple user interface
  • Offers a 30-day money back guarantee
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4. HostGator

best shared web hosting

HostGator ranks 4th in our list of the best shared web hosting also provides fast and reliable hosting service. HostGator has over 9 million domains. HostGator is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) who also owns Bluehost and iPage along with 50 other hosting companies. It offers 24*7 technical customer support in case you encounter any difficulties. HostGator also provide some best shared web hosting plans if you want to start your own blog or website in low budget.

Key Features:

  • Very good uptime
  • Top class 24/7/365 support through the phone, live chat, and email
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Allows you unlimited emails and bandwidth on your site
  •  Free migration
  • Free one-click installation
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5. Siteground

best shared web hosting

Siteground is a solid choice for those who are looking for a combination of an affordable price and a high-quality performance. It is one of the most talked web hosts on the internet. Siteground is one of the best shared web hosting if you have a lot of traffic on your website. They provide best shared web hosting services with amazing features and strong uptime performance.

Key Features:

  • Faster page loading time
  • Super easy to install and use
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free website migration
  •  24/7 customer support having one of the best technical team
  • Top Notch Security system makes your site safe & secured
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6. IPage

best shared web hosting

IPage is a great web hosting solution for those who are just starting out, as well as for those who already gained all the necessary skills and knowledge. The iPage control panel is simple and effective which offers users tools to create, enhance and manage their websites. It is also in the list of best web hosting providers because of its features and afforability. They are also the best shared host in this price range.

Key Features:

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Fast server response times
  • Unlimited bandwidth with free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • SiteLock Security keeps your website secure
  • 24-Hour customer support
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7. GoDaddy

best shared web hosting

Known for its incredibly well-designed templates and aesthetic sense, GoDaddy is providing best shared hosting services to its users. GoDaddy has very impressive built-in features that will give you a better experience in building your own website. It offers various services like domains, web hosting, and site-building services. GoDaddy is best shared host with an impressive estimated 60 million domains hosted!

Key Features:

  • Amazing competitive pricing
  • Simple and customized cPanel
  • In-built website builder
  • Award-winning security and support
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Fastest and reliable page load times
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8. LiquidWeb

best shared web hosting

If you are looking for a best web hosting plan for your website, you should take a look at LiquidWeb. The Page load time is faster than any other web host company and hence it leads to a better browsing experience and an optimized search engine. The only cons is that it is a little bit expensive, but then you get excellent peace of mind after using their services.

Key Features:

  • Excellent uptime
  • Faster page load times
  • Excellent hosting plans for every one
  • Plesk control panels for you to manage your website
  • Automatic updates for WordPress and its plug-ins
  • Highly knowledgeable and excellent support
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9. NameCheap

best shared web hosting

NameCheap offers affordable shared web hosting services to the website bloggers. It offers top-level services like website migration, top-level domains, etc. Currently, it is hosting more than 10 millions domains. It also has an in-built web builder which offers various templates to design your website. It is also the best shared web hosting in 2019.

Key Features:

  • High-quality hosting services at low prices
  • Softaculous app installer helps in updating and maintaining the apps
  • Also included free SSL certificate
  • Advanced technology delivers unparalleled uptime
  • Website Builder has approx 200 design templates
  • Highly dedicated team for support
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10. A2Hosting

best shared web hosting

A2Hosting is one of the biggest names in hosting industry. If you are going to expand your website business then you should definitely give it a try. It offers the best shared web hosting plans. A2 Hosting host everything on their SSDs so that you will get better page load time and hence your SEO will be optimized which makes them one of the best shared host.

  • Faster web host services
  • Free website migrations
  • Fast servers offer better speed
  • Efficient and user-friendly support team
  • Gives priority to your website’s hosting security
  • Risk-free money back guarantee
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Final Words: These are our personal opinion on web hosting. We created a list of the best shared web hosting on various factors such as speed, performance, uptime, pricing, ease of use and many other factors. Hope you liked this  list of best shared hosting 2019.

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